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The story and narrative of your Bar or Restaurant matters, almost as much as the layout and menu. At MOJO we are experts at creating imaginative brands, concepts and designs that your customers will love, and come back time and again.

As architects, our team at MOJO has collaborated with creative clients from all over the UK, helping to craft their ideas into reality. Our experience in taking abstract concepts and transforming them into exciting, engaging experiences for customers, is what has built MOJO's reputation.

Creating a vision and story for your concept is key to MOJO’s design process, across all aspects of your establishment.

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At MOJO we understand that going out for a drink is no longer just about choosing a table and ordering a drink. It has evolved into an experience where the ambiance and environment of a bar play a crucial role in attracting customers. That's why bar interior design and the creation of an immersive space are vital in distinguishing your establishment in today's competitive market.

At MOJO we take pride in combining our expertise and inspiration to bring cocktail bars, gastro pubs, classic bars, and innovative drinking spaces to life. By using our experience with clients on past projects and incorporating fresh ideas, we strive to design spaces that seamlessly blend exciting aesthetic finishes with practical, functional design.

From creating high end resauraunts, secret Tiki-Lounges, to vibrant Mexican street food estabishments, our approach to each bar and restaurant design begins with passion and a desire to bring fun to the project. We offer a range of services that provide an end-to-end solution, taking care of every aspect of your bar's design, curating memorable features and details that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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