Hiring An Architect

Why hiring a registered 'Architect' over lesser trained 'Technologists' or 'Designers' can add value to your project & save you money

We decided that quality isn’t just for the few, but for everyone. Hiring a registered Architect ( ARB and RIBA ) over lesser trained 'draughtsman' or 'architectural technologists' can make a huge difference to your home. It’s the stamp of quality and security.

When comparing quotes, bear in mind different Architects offer different levels of service with a different fee attached to it, so you should make sure you are comparing like for like.

Below are some of the many reasons why an Architect can make a difference to your home.

Design Appeal

Like any purchase, if you commission a house design or extension then you want good value for money. A vital part of an Architect’s job is to ensure that before a single line is drawn, everyone is clear on what’s needed.

That’s why high quality design is never expensive, because by definition it means getting the very best value out of whatever budget has been agreed.

While some clients may want something spectacular, most simply want honest advice, clever ideas and ingenuity, tailored to their specific needs.

Whenever MOJO works on a concept, we always think about how it can be realised. If you were to observe your home being designed in our Studio you would hear as many discussions regarding how an idea or design element can actually be built, as much as you would about its final appearance.

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Planning Expertise

Getting planning permission is often the first major challenge for any project. How this stage is managed will have a profound impact on your timeline and thus, budget.

Any delay in the process or a refusal will cost money, whether you’re paying interest on an extra loan to finance the project or an empty house awaiting renovation. Because of this the design should stick as closely as possible to your needs whilst reducing the risk of the submission being rejected.

Some unregistered 'design companies' or 'technologists' simply ask the planners what they’d like and then do whatever they suggest, which doesn't result in the best possible design solution. As trained, registered and insured Architects ( ARB and RIBA ), we understand the planning system and will challenge the local authority to to come away with a design that they might not have initially wanted but then are eventually persuaded to approve.

That’s the skill of an Architect and why they are vital. 

MOJO Architecture can help you to achieve your perfect project by creating a design and presenting it in its best version to the Planning department and relevant councillors who will finally decide whether the application is approved.

It might seem obvious but once planning permission is granted your proposed design must be buildable.  MOJO has been asked to help fix many applications submitted by less competent ‘professionals’ that may be sufficient for gain basic Planning Approval, but are physically unbuildable or compromise the visual quality. 

If your project suffers from this kind of poor design it could cost you time and money; to either amend and re-submit a new design, or through property devaluation. 

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One issue that is often overlooked when it comes to designing your project or transforming your existing property is how sustainable and energy-efficient it is.

Most buildings of the past paid lip service to insulation and heat control measures, as owners of conservatories can attest, but with new stringent building regulations, newly constructed buildings and extensions have to pay closer attention to how they are designed.

Architect designed sustainable buildings often have lower operating costs due to reduced energy and water consumption. MOJO can incorporate sustainable features that provide long-term cost savings for building owners and occupants, making sustainability financially viable.

MOJO's designs also promote occupant health and well-being. Architects can create spaces that enhance indoor air quality, access to natural light, and connection to nature, leading to improved comfort, happiness, and satisfaction for clients. 

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Professional regulations for Architects

Architects have to go through a minimum of 7 years at University and when qualified are on a government register monitored by the Architects Registration Board ( ARB ).

It is regarded as one of the most difficult professions to qualify in and the ARB imposes 'The Architects Code - Standards of Conduct and Practice' which don't apply to unregulated technologists and other lesser trained draughtsmen.

The 'Code' also includes a requirement for Architects to provide an explanation of the fees to be paid before they’re appointed, offering consumers the reassurance they won’t be caught out by hidden charges later on.

Always check that who you appoint to take on your project is an Architect. If you are not sure, or have doubts, always check with the ARB at " ARB - Search the register "and see if they are actually registered, because if not they cannot legally use the term 'Architect'. This is done to protect you, the client.

MOJO is also registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects ( RIBA ) which is a seperate professional body who also regulates and enforces extremely high standards to all of their Architects, so you know that when you decide to use us, you are getting the highest possible standards in the country. 

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Hiring MOJO for your perfect home…

Every project is unique, because you are. MOJO’s dynamic creative team spends the extra time to get the best possible solution, no matter what your requirements are.