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The Tiki Monkey - Cocktail Bar

MOJO has created the Tiki Monkey, Manchester's hottest new hidden cocktail bar.

MOJO has created the Tiki Monkey, a vibrant, dynamic taste of Tiki with its own distinct Mancunian twist.

Having worked along side the client for the last 6 months, MOJO led the design from the initial concept stage, through branding and interior design, menu design and marketing.

The concept, developed for our client of a hidden tiki dive bar, shipped from a deserted tropical island, with a distinct Mancunian twist, has sparked rave reviews since its grand opening, with tables booked up for weeks in advance.

The owner Kevin Grannel has worked on previous MOJO projects and is delighted with the vision for the Tiki Monkey;

"Its just fantastic. It perfectly captures the energy and excitement we wanted to bring to Monton town center and visitors love its sence of humour. It just takes customers by surprise!"

From helping to design individual cocktail flavours, to setting the exact tone of the lighting, this project was a labour of love for the MOJO team, and that passion is reflected in how popular it is in the local area and beyond.

MOJO worked with a local graphic designers and artists to create the unique pictures in the bar, and brought our own creativity in creating and naming the Cocktails on the playful menu. 

On meeting the team you instantly get the impression of how professional, experienced and highly qualified they are giving confidence in the service they are able to offer.
What’s more they take the time to understand the needs of their clients and recognise it’s personal for the people they are supporting.
I can’t stress highly enough how impressed I am with MOJO!
An outstanding business I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

A. Goodwin,