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Authentic Mexican taqueria in the heart of Manchester's leafy suburbs

MOJO's vibrant designs, northern confidence and fresh ingredience helps elevate the Mexicali from other restaurants on the high street by bringing an authentic taste of Southern California and Mexico to Manchester's suburbs. 

Working with a return client who has a passion for creating bold and exciting concepts on the highstreet, he came to MOJO and asked us to come up with something new for a property he had recently purchased.

Working with the client’s team of chefs we spoke about our experiences over the last 20 years of travelling across California and Northern Mexico, and how the fusion of cultures, foods and drinks had blossomed into the Mexican food explosion seen across America. We felt that if we brought those same foods and flavours, energy and excitement, that Manchester would embrace it.

We opened up the entire ground floor to create a new kitchen and food preparation area to the rear; a new bar and serving area to the centre and re-designed the main floor area to the front of the building to allow more diners.

The use of bold greens and magentas taken from the cactuses and sunsets of the Baja coast help to infuse the Mexicali with warmth, and we have also taken inspiration from the bold signage and graphic design of San Diego’s art scene.

The finished taqueria offers customers the tastes and smells of authentic Mexican food in the outskirts of Manchester. The client's confidence in allowing MOJO near complete creative control has resulted in a stand out example of street food in a restaurant setting.

“It’s going to be fantastic! The design looks great and yet again MOJO have created something unique! Amazing! "