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Northenden Road

A bold intervention and transformation of a traditional Victorian family home

Dynamic additions to a large Victorian family home to create a master bedroom and family kitchen.

MOJO came highly recommended to the client who wanted to create a visually striking dormer on the rear of their traditional Victorian property, to give them a master bedroom suite.

Once we had spent time with the client and their family we also began to look at other key elements of the home which we felt didn't work, and began to look at the kitchen, which was small and cramped and not suited for their family lifestyle.

We opened up the ground floor to allow greater circulation in the kitchen and dining room and created a large family island. To the rear we opened up the existing exterior wall to connect the living space into the garden, by designing a bespoke sliding door.

The dormer was designed to appear sculptural; as if cut out of the roof in singular sheets of metal; a homage to the industrial materials of the era the house was constructed. Large full height windows help flood the master bedroom and en-suite with natural light.

The client trusted MOJO, so as the brief evolved, we were enabled to push the boundaries of what was initially expected from the house.
Its bold form, standing out against the backdrop of the streetscape of Northenden has transformed how a family can imagine living.

A bold black dormer extension carved from the very form of the roof; changing what it is to have a master bedroom suite 

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