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A modern family home in the heart of Worsley

Sitting amongst the trees in Manchester's outskirts, MOJO has designed a bold, contemporary family home, embracing the materials of the area.

The client came to MOJO to help them in transforming a small bungalow on a spacious plot in the heart of Worsley. The existing layout posed a challenge with its maze-like configuration and lack of adequate loft space for bedrooms.Our clients sought a striking, contemporary family home that would defy the conventional norms of the area. They were inspired by modern Scandinavian design, emphasising their passion in the project brief. Additionally, they desired a cinema room and offices to complement their lifestyle.

Approaching the project with a focus on designated living zones, MOJO sliced and integrated various elements to create a fragmented and captivating aesthetic. This design approach not only added intrigue and visual interest but also allowed ample natural light to infiltrate the interiors.

We crafted four distinct living blocks, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. These blocks were seamlessly connected by naturally illuminated corridors, establishing a harmonious flow throughout the residence. The carefully planned layout also resulted in a calm courtyard at the rear, generously sized bedrooms, and a vast open-plan family area.

Mindful of the local context, we selected bricks that harmonise with the area's architectural vernacular. To further enhance the integration of the structure with its woodland surroundings, we opted for wooden cladding on the first floor, lending a softer and less obtrusive touch.

The end result is a truly one-of-a-kind MOJO designed property that reflects our clients' desire for a bespoke architectural home. Each room and space within this modern house is thoughtfully crafted to foster a connection with the surrounding nature, offering a serene and immersive living experience.

Each element of the Cartmel was designed by MOJO to enhance the family's experience, and redefine what a home can be.

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