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Monton Road Offices

MOJO has transformed victorian houses in Monton into contemporary offices.

MOJO has created bold, contemporary offices for fellow creatives in the heart of Montons highstreet.
Work by day, food and drink by night!

Our client approached MOJO to transform some abandoned residential properties in the heart of Monton high street, which was surrounded by shops, bars and eateries.As office space in the area was in such high demand, but the quality was stuck in the 1960’s, he wanted offices that would attract a higher calibre of business, and as such needed amazing spaces.

We studied many previous office projects MOJO had created to assess what worked well, and distilled those qualities into these smaller environments. We wanted to create bright, relaxing offices that would increase productivity, as well as spaces that workers would want to spend time.

We created two new offices across two floors, both with their own distinct design vision, but also connected through theme and colour.
Bold graphics and lighting will enhance the spaces, and the new contemporary kitchen and WC’s bring it into the modern era without losing its Victorian features.

The clients desire to push the boundaries in terms of quality made each office stand out from any others in the area and was rented before completion. At MOJO we have always valued the office spaces we have worked in, so wanted to pass on those ideas to others.

MOJO worked with a local graphic designer to create fun posters and artwork that matched the client's personality and desire for distinct offices.

On meeting the team you instantly get the impression of how professional, experienced and highly qualified they are giving confidence in the service they are able to offer.
What’s more they take the time to understand the needs of their clients and recognise it’s personal for the people they are supporting.
I can’t stress highly enough how impressed I am with MOJO!
An outstanding business I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

A. Goodwin,

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