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The Garrett

Creating a modern, bright, contemporary two-storey family home, from an aged bungalow.

MOJO have created a contemporary two-storey family home, from a bungalow which allowed for specific requirements in the design and layout 

The client  approached our architecture firm, MOJO, to help redesign their nearby house. They wanted a design that would not only serve as a comfortable home but also enhance their family's well-being. The clients desired separate areas for their daughter to enjoy, while having the first floor dedicated as a master suite where they could relax after work. Additionally, they needed a spacious kitchen, dining, and living area at the back of the house, connecting seamlessly to their garden and the forest beyond. Our goal was to change the typical perception of a bungalow, which often involves dark rooms with limited natural light. To make the most of the open space behind the house, we extended the design as far back as possible and created expansive glazed windows at the rear. This allowed for breathtaking views of the trees and the surrounding landscape. On the ground floor, we designed a private lounge at the front and a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom for the clients' daughter, leading into the larger family space. Moving to the first floor, we constructed a spacious master bedroom and bathroom with the added luxury of a steam room and sauna. Since the original bungalow had low-quality brickwork, we opted for a bright rendered finish to unify the extensive renovation with the new extension. From the front, the house exudes a bright and modern aesthetic. However, it is from the rear where the true magnitude of the transformation becomes apparent. A large, double-height space enclosed by glass walls allows natural light to permeate deep into the internal areas. This renovation has truly revolutionized the lives of our clients.

The contrast of the bold white form against the backdrop of a woodland vista helps elevate the house in the wider area.

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