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Oxford House

Helping a young family to transform their terrace house on the outskirts of Oxford.

In a former workers house on the outskirts of Oxford, MOJO were brought in to add more quality space for the client, whilst creating a design that would stand out.

MOJO was invited to Oxford to collaborate with a university lecturer on the redesign of her family home. As a history professor, she expressed the desire to incorporate an "industry" theme into the project, paying homage to the nearby factories. The client's main objective was to create a spacious open plan kitchen, dining area, and lounge at the rear of the house, seamlessly connected to the garden. Additionally, she wanted to add a bedroom with an en-suite in the loft through a rear dormer, and construct an office for her partner's business at the rear of the garden.

Drawing inspiration from the nearby car factories in Cowley, we explored the use of fabricated metal sheeting as a contrasting element to the existing Victorian terraces. This approach aimed to create a harmonious blend of historical context and modern design.

For the ground floor extension, we employed a recessed roof and oversized glazing to create an illusion of height, while the loft dormer followed similar scales to maintain design coherence throughout the project.

The newly added rear social living space and vibrant master bedroom by MOJO have completely transformed how the family utilises their home. They now have a welcoming environment where friends and family can gather, fostering connections that were previously challenging. This exemplifies the power of exceptional, people-centric architecture.

Through MOJO’s design we managed to help create an exciting and contemporary vision of what a family home can be.

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