Residential Process

Our experience & approach enables us to guide you though the process

The majority of our clients have never done this before and are daunted by the process, so don’t worry. We have perfected our service, making the experience fun, reliable and rewarding.


Partnering with the right Architect is a huge decision and our reviews show the meaningful and lasting relationships we aspire to create.

Design can transform lives, so by spending the time to get to know you, we can create the perfect house that not only accommodates all of your needs and adds value but will look fantastic for years to come.

If you are thinking of hiring an Architect, get in touch.
will talk you through the entire process, explaining each step and answering any questions you may have.

We offer full architectural services and follow the RIBA Plan of Work 2020, but have broken down the process into '4 Simple Steps' for residential designs to make getting the home of your dreams straightforward.

Step 1

Initial Feasibility Consultation

The first step in creating your dream home is to meet up and talk. We want to know your ideas and your aspirations.

Trust is all-important when it comes to choosing an Architect so the initial meeting will establish the relationship with your designer that will last until the end of the project.


Step 2

Consultation Design Meeting

The Design Consultation is where we discover what your true wants, needs and aspirations are, and the time spent at this initial stage is vital as we will look at many aspects that may affect the design.

Taking between 1-2 hours, including the survey, it’s also the most rewarding as this is the time when ideas start to form and excitement in the design is created. 

The Survey

We start with a detailed measured survey to understand your home and determine the feasibility of your requirements. 

The Brief

Once we understand the scale and layout of your home, we will then sit down and discuss in further detail your requirements that will help to create and define the brief, which is the list of requirements and desires for your project. 

Consultation Design

We will then head back to our studio to draw up the existing layouts, develop designs based on the project specific brief and produce a Consultation Design Document that you can review at your leisure prior to a follow up meeting. 

We then organise a Design Consultation meeting where we invite you into our studio so that the designs can be discussed in further detail with our team. 

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Step 3

Detailed Design & Planning

After you have chosen the desired design, we begin to develop your project in much greater detail in readyness for a Planning Application, Building Regulations Plans Approval and construction quotes.

Planning Drawings

If planning permission is required we then produce a Planning Drawing Document to submit a Planning Application to the Local Authority. 

On some projects, the design doesn't require planning permission, but might be covered by Permitted Development rights in which case we will apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

We also submit your project to the Local Planning Authority, and manage your application in order to make the process simple for you. 

Building Regulation Drawings

This is where we create a set of drawings and information which is necessary to achieve Building Regulations Plans Approval.

In order to show that you are complying with Building Regulations for your project, you need to submit your Building Regulations drawings for Building Control approval.

The purpose of Building Regulations is to ensure that construction will be of a good standard, be safe and provide good levels of comfort. It ensures that your home will be built to the highest quality.

Other Consultants

Most projects will require some form of Structural Calculations and Drawings, or additional consultants to make your home more energy efficient. 

If needed, MOJO can contact other consultants we have worked with previously for quotes, and once their information is completed, builders should have everything they will need to provide a quote for your project. 

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Step 4

Additional Services

Depending on the scale and nature of the project, we can provide additional design services to provide a much more prescriptive set of information from which your home can be built. 

These would include specific construction drawings for the builders, landscape design, or even internal design to make your home look as great on the inside as it will on the outside.

Find Builders

We are often in a position to recommend a number of local builders who can quote for the building work which will give you the best value for money from the project.

Site Visits

Once you have appointed a builder to carry out construction work, we offer site visits to provide advice and guidence to you as our client to help with any unexpected issues that may arise during construction. 

We often help clients find solutions to problems that meet their  design expectations but also work for the builder too, helping to improve the finished quality of your project. 

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