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Chestnut House

A reinterpretation of a classic rear extension for a graphic designer and her family.

MOJO worked with a Graphic designer to further enhance her amazing home, by adding social space, natural light and Architectural interest.

MOJO was recommended to the client, who, being a designer herself, sought to collaborate with a dynamic team to elevate their already exceptional residence.

The family's vision centred around enhancing two areas: a cosy space adjacent to the kitchen and a social area connected to the existing dining room, both seamlessly blending with the garden.

Together with the clients, we envisioned the creation of two living pods flanking the kitchen, forming a central courtyard. This design not only infuses the existing house with abundant natural light but also expands the living space for the family. To complement this, our team crafted the dining room extension, carefully raised to invite more light and harmonise with the existing ceiling level.

To provide essential solar shading during critical times of the day, MOJO designed two cantilevered brick overhangs.

Considering the client's affinity for the industrial aesthetic present in the original house, we delved into an exploration of materials, including charred wood, metal, and stone. Ultimately, we embraced the distinctive character of the existing residence and predominantly employed brick for the construction.

The additions at the rear of the property have elevated an already high quality home into a space that further enriches the family's life.

Working with another creative professional made for a great dynamic for the creation of ideas and proposals to elevate the house into something special.

We approached MOJO to help us improve the club and help advise us on the best way to plan for the future. At every step they came up with fantastic ideas and the designs changed how we viewed the Rugby club.

Not just an Architect firm, they understand how people think and use spaces. 

D. Nicholls,

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