Residential Apartments

Whether high end private developments, residential apartments or social housing schemes, MOJO has helped clients bring quality design to the projects and added value to their properties all over the UK.

MOJO's team have extensive knowledge and experience of the residential/mixed use sector having been responsible for job-running not only smaller residential schemes of 2-10 apartments but numerous large scale developments up to £250m in value across the UK.

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Focussing on place making, sustainability and technical simplicity, we create well considered, cost effective and beautifully designed dwellings

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Whether you own an empty plot of land and wish to develop a new housing scheme or apartment block, or you have an existing building that can be transformed into new dwellings, MOJO’s team of experienced architects can assist you in designing high quality yet efficient designs.

Through our understanding of the housing market, planning system, residential design standards and construction methods for residential projects, we are able to integrate our design creativity and technical expertise to create desirable places to live within buildings that will stand the test of time.

Having also worked on student residential and elderly living projects previously, the team at MOJO have the broad range of experience required to both design and deliver all types of residential projects in both the public and private sectors.

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Some benefits of working with MOJO for your Residential project

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